Auerbach Halevy architects & engineers Ltd. was co-founded in the year 2000 by engineer Daphna Auerbach–Biran and architect Ori HaLevy. Our team is a unique blend of highly skilled architects, designers and engineers.

The firm is a multidisciplinary studio. Our goal is to build innovative projects while providing our clients with professional service –timetables, budget administration and supervision. Our services include Architecture, Interior Design, Branding, Town planning, Civil engineering, Consultant coordination and Project Administration. 

It has been more than a decade since Auerbach HaLevy has lead the design, planning and construction of large scale projects in Israel. Our extensive resume includes office buildings, logistic facilities, commercial centers, residential high-rises and hotels.

With over 20 professionals from various design fields, we strive towards being a design leader in Israel. Well recognized, our projects were published in many architectural books and magazines in Israel and abroad. We received awards for design excellence in the fields of cooperate interiors, industrial architecture and branding.

Our clients come from around the globe. From multi-national corporations to a siglel family, we are enthusiastic to find the right and unique building each time again

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